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When it comes to violent encounters we usually measure time in seconds.  Today’s Friday Films Video is a fight involving a Ohio State Trooper fighting with a suspected drunk driver.  The fight lasts 82 seconds and ends with the Trooper fatally shooting the suspect.

OSP Media Release

Ohio Trooper Involved Shooting Video

Some points to ponder:

  • We must be aware
    • Often times individuals in violent encounters such as these are not aware that a weapon is involved until they are shot at, or shot.
    • This was pretty obviously not the case with Trooper Cress.  His awareness saved his life.
  • We must understand that it is not always possible or advantageous to deploy your firearm in a close quarters struggle even if lethal force is justified
    • This fight lasted 82 seconds.
    • Trooper Cress was justified to use lethal force from the start of the confrontation as the gun was introduced by Baker at the onset of the fight.
    • All of Trooper Cress’ focus and energy is being used to keep the weapon from being used against him.
    • Splitting his focus to deploy his own weapon may have rendered both the control of the suspects weapon, and the deployment of his own weapon impossible.
  • Respond with the maximum amount of force justified by the law to immediately end the encounter by overwhelming your opponent.

Trooper Cress did exactly that when he used lethal force to end the encounter.

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