0087 – LE Answering an Unexpected Knock at the Door

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Had a great email from a listener last week relating to a story from the Cleveland News-Herald.

The email brings up some great points and finishes with a great question.

How do you answer the door when there is an unexpected knock?

As aware as possible

  • My office is oriented so that I can see out the front windows of my home.  This helps to keep me appraised of who is approaching via my driveway.
  • If I’m not in my office, I make my way to a window that affords me a view of the front door and the driveway.
  • I also take note of whats going on in the house.  Who is where?

With my rear covered

  • Our home is kept shut up pretty tight as it is, but when something unexpected happens, I take a moment to double check things like making sure the back door is locked.
  • Common tactic of home invaders is to distract at the front door and attack through the rear.
  • When possible with help.


  • This comes as no surprise to my regular listeners.  I wear my gun from the time I wake to the time I sleep.  This makes it easy to have my gun with me all the time.
  • Often its in my hand.  I’m a big fan of the grip ready position.

With a negative attitude

  • I begin with the idea of NO, NO, NO in my head.  It is easy to change my tune to yes than to go the other way from a permissive attitude to the idea of NO.
  • You better have ID, which matches your vehicle, and you better be willing for me to confirm if you are dropping in unannounced.

Don’t hesitate to call the police.  If you aren’t in danger, use the non emergency number.  Check things out.  And if anything seems out of place make sure you let law enforcement know.

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