0084 – Keep Cash on Hand

Warrior Summit

The list of my Every Day Carry gear is pretty long, and it always seems to be getting longer.  I am constantly evaluating my gear for equipment to add and or drop to make sure my load is efficient.

One item that I have been carrying longer than any other EDC item is cash.

I keep cash in addition to my normal spending cash just in case.

  • convenient
    • banks have hours and if you need cash, the hassle of having to wait or track down a money machine can be a problem.
    • Cash is king!  It works day or night in just about any type of transaction.  This isn’t true for checks, or credit cards.
    • Cash is accepted when the computer, phone lines, electricity or anything else is down.
  • Cash Adds Up
    • When you combine your EDC Cash with your spending cash you increase your buying power.
    • When you add your cash to your significant others resources you begin to have some substantial holdings.
  • EDC Cash can extend your buying power

I have a couple of rules regading my EDC Cash

  • Kept Separate from my spending cash
  • I keep my EDC Cash in 10’s and 20’s
  • I don’t spend it
  • I keep it split up
  • It isn’t just on my person
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