0032 – LE – Increase Your Awareness and Have Fun!

Take a look at our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.  We work hard to only post quality content on our social media sites.  Typically only when our podcasts are up, a quote of the day and possibly a post about any training that I’m doing that day.

Saturday I’ll be out at Crooked-Creek shooting a steel match.  Come join me, I’m going to shoot the whole match support hand only!  Should be fun.Listener Emails

  • Identification
  • Subject Line
    • Topic for Paul
    • Question for Paul
  • Motivation

Become more aware with family games:

  • Walk The Dog
  • Find Your Friend
    • Family and Friends Version
    • Uniforms
    • Helpers
  • Colors, hair, shoes, hands in pockets, face obscured, acting funny.
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