0016 – Develop Your Warrior Mindset to Stay Safe

0016 – Develop Your Warrior Mindset to Stay Safe

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In episode 0008 we spoke with Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy about how it is that we can determine if our self-defense program is teaching us what we need to know to survive a violent encounter.  When I asked Ian what one thing students must take away from self-defense training, he responded with “aggresion.”

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an expert in this area.  Take a look at his website for more information.  If you are serious about the study of mindset, take a look at his books.  On Killing and On Combat are two of the definitive works in the warrior sciences.

Agression is part of a larger tool that students need to develop called Warrior Mindset, or simply mindset.

  • Mindset is a conscious and subconscious belief system
    • natural and intrinsic
    • beaten out of many of us
    • can be rekindled
  • We must know that in a violent encounter we will be:
    • Aggressive
    • Violent
    • Focused


  • Immediate Response
  • Surprise and denial are the most common reaction of people faced with violence
  • We must be aware so that we can pick up on threat cues to avoid surprise
  • no matter how we discover or when we discover that we are involved in a violent encounter we must respond immediately


  • We need to be ready and willing to respond with violence to stop violence
  • Trauma is the most reliable way to stop violence
    • Doesn’t rely on pain
    • Not complex like restraint methods
    • Taking away the bodies ability to function
    • We are talking about causing damage to the muscular, skeletal and the nervous systems so that the body can no longer function
    • We must shift the attackers focus from hurting us to defending themselves


  • We must commit to an immediate aggressive response until one of two things happens
    1. our attackers cease to be a threat
    2. we are no longer able to fight due to loss of consciousness or death
  • We all come with an expiration date
  • You don’t have full control of when your time is up
  • Fight hard, not today, not like this!
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