0013 – Compete to Stay Safe

0013 – Compete to Stay Safe

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  • Ever since there has been combat, there has been competition among warriors in combat games.
  • Competitive shooting is no different than any other form of training.
  • Training Gap
    • A result of the simple fact that while training we don’t fear for our lives.
    • After training is over everyone is going home.
    • Combat doesn’t work that way, and it is the mortal fear of death and killing that keeps training from being like combat
    • As trainers we try to close that gap as much as possible by making training as close to combat as we can, but we have to concede that we are never going to fully close that gap
  • To improve on our gun fighting skills we can focus on three main areas
    • Mindset
    • Tactics
    • Skills
  • Competitive shooting provides us a dynamic environment for mastering our skills against:
    • the clock
    • our peers
    • and ourselves
  • This is stress, but it isn’t the stress of combat don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is.
  • To make Competition effective training we must
  1. Identify the skills that are effective in combat
  2. Implement those skills in competition
  3. Identify the skills that are not effective in combat
  4. Delete those skills from competition.
  5. Identify the equipment you will use in combat
  6. Use that gear in competition

I hope today’s podcast will help you take a look at competition from a new angle and help you decide how it may fit into your training program.

Compete to Stay Safe!


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