0010 – Threat Cues

0010 – Threat Cues

In Podcast 0009 we talked about the concept of a reactionary gap.  The reactionary gap is the time between when a threat is perceived and when the threat is upon you.

The unfortunate reality is that most people perceive that they are in a violent encounter when violence is being committed against them.  Since we are law abiding folks, we usually don’t get to start the fight, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t see fight coming.  Sometimes, especially if we are watching for them, we will see the signals that tell us that violence is about to occur.  When we are successful we are able to increase our reactionary gap and increase the likely hood of a positive outcome from a violent encounter.

The clues we look for are called threat cues.

Take a look at this article from Backwoods Home Magazine #87.  www.backwoodshome.com is a great resource.

Body Language and Threat Recognition

by Massad Ayo0b.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Massad Ayoob, you should be.  He has been a gun writer since the early 1970’s and is most famous for his work in the legal aspects of self-defense.  In addition he is the author of, Stressfire, Stressfire II and The Gun Digest Book Of Concealed Carry.  Also Massad is a member of the Proarms Podcast where you will find some excellent interviews with gunfight survivors.  All of these resources have quality information to be taken from them.

Although the information presented here is not new, or unique to Massad Ayoob, it is a good place to start when we are examining awareness and threat cues.

Threat Cues:

  • The Eyes
    • Thousand yard stare
    • Target stare
    • Target glance
  • Facial Expression
    • squinting eyes
    • clenched teeth
    • facial coloring
  • The Hands
    • Tremors
    • Open or clenched
    • Reaching for a weapon
  • Body Language
    • Square up to the target
    • Lower center of gravity
    • Raise hands between waist and head or reach for a weapon
  • Verbal Cues
    • You’re not gonna get away with this
    • I’m not going back to jail
  • Your Gut
    • Evolution
    • Trust it

If you took the time to browse Massad Ayoob Group’s website and are interested in training with Mas, send an email to paul@safetysolutionsacademy.com as I am considering hosting a MAG-40 class in 2011.

Thanks for tuning in.

Watch for threat cues to stay safe!


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